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Hello poetry lovers!

Today, we want to spotlight Visual Poetry.  Please enjoy!

Unfinished Ink. by rockgem     Higher Synchronization
A prison of my times .. and a paradise of yours .. but are you still listening to my echoes through your pulsations?
We could share ourselves through these wires .. but can you touch me without f l i n c h i n g?
With tangibility always the question .. answers ridicule my clumsy efforts to c r a w l out of this corner ..
Guilty of facing my back on hope .. it would still smile politely understanding what I really mean.
When we pushed through the blizzard .. we believed in what we couldn't see ..
but I fell out of your shadows and let myself breathe in my selfishness ..
When THEY take control of you .. let them in to give you those last  a u t u m n  l e a v e s ..
Far away is the distant summer where I held them for you .. in your hands.
Transcend for the intangible ..
and watch this last sunset with me.

Condescending Mist
It could only start in the ..
middle ..  
or it would d i s a p p e a r into the obscure m i s t
A dull rumble echoed into my veins ..
regurgitating anxiety into my eyes ..
and dislodging my thoughts into chaos.
Pleading into the dusk ..
wouldn't prevent me from hitting the dust ..
re-birthing withdrew its last offer ..
substituting a beautiful d o o m.
Hands reach out in desperation ..
at the last lingering moments of warmth ..
fostered with blisters ..
they remain motionless in their numb d i s c o v e r y.
I l l u s i o n s of sleep no longer walk the edge of reality..
faithful to elude me in vengeance ..
visions thank my silence ..
and relieves me to my blank p a r a l y s i s of fate.
    Darkened Room -Visual Poetry by poet Clive Blake by CliveBlake

Wedding Vows  -Wedding Poem  -Wedding Poetry by CliveBlake

Sunrise Morning
This sunrise morning
whilst walking in the orchard
   I thought of you.
Turning a sweet smelling corner
I found you lingering there
  silently waiting.
slightly out of focus
slightly out of reach
sides of you open, unfurling
while others remain locked tight
pieces of you shrouded in shadows
while others boldly face the light
always beautiful, you are,
one that I call my friend.
While I know it is hard to see
yourself through these eyes, try.
   I thought of you.

Big Words And Haikus Dont Mix by BatmanWithBunnyEars

Passions by ale6rbd     Styrofoam Papersitting on the patchwork grey-black concrete
a paper                         cup, styrofoam, tipped and empty
two sets                       of teeth marks line the
top edge                      lending it character
as though                   the cup didn't lend
this street                  enough character as it were
i wonder if                 the teeth that left an

. On . Enrollment . Day .I wish my frozen lips could tell you
-I wish you could somehow know-
Of how it breaks my heart
When I have to watch you go.
And I wish you could come back
How I wish you would return
But this weight in my chest
Is beginning to twist and burn.
See, I have this strange feeling
That we will never meet again
-That I'm going to lose you,
But it's not something I can explain.
So I have to watch you go
To watch you march up to death
In your smart, new army outfit
With the cold misting from your breath.
And right before you disappear
You turn and wave back to me,
With a gleaming smile on your face
-As happy as can be.
But I still can't shake the feeling
That you're never coming back,
That you'll always be just as stubborn
Maybe even leading the attack.
Of course, you'll be at the front line
Protecting the others, like you always do,
A determined set to your face;
A warrior I'm sure they'll look up to.
But my dearest, being on the front line
Means being the first to die.
Half these boys are not
    Through an artist's eyes
A painter's world is made of
     brushstrokes and lines,
with colors that flow
     and swirling designs.
A photographer's hope
     to get that perfect shot,
they try and try
     and try with all they've got.
A poet's life is all
     words and rhyme,
finding the right words
     for the right time.
A drawer is made of
     graphite and pencils,
freehanding art
     and tracing with stencils.
A singer's mind
     is all pitches and song,
and expecting people
     to sing along.
An actor's life
     is lived on a stage,
even when working
     for minimum wage.
A dancer's dream
     written on their face,
as they go through the motions
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ale6rbd Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the feature ! :-)
CliveBlake Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Professional Writer
Thank you very much for the two pieces of mine you have featured here ...
[link] “Darkened Room” (Visual Poetry) …
[link] “Wedding Vows” (Phoetry) …
It is very much appreciated ...
:) :)
BatmanWithBunnyEars Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012   General Artist
I appreciate the feature! :iconfeatureplz:
rockgem Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
thankyou kindly for featuring one of my works
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