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New Co-founders!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

We have two, count em' TWO new co-founders.
You will love them just as much as I do.

We welcome to the team, DominaMoon :icondominamoon:
and prettyflour :iconprettyflour:
They will be working alongside the fabulously talented, outrageously funny, and my sweet and faithful friend, the awesome miss DearPoetry :icondearpoetry:!
She loves this group and has been working hard for it for a long time, and DominaMoon and prettyflour love this group as well and will help me make sure it runs smoothly and stays the place you want it to be, and maybe even to make it better. :heart:

These three ladies are amazing and I thank them for joining this team with me and our contributers who also work to make this group what it is

LJ :iconxlntwtch:

Shawna :icondreamlightning:

Ben :iconaumnren:

monsieurwar :iconlombregrise:

Keith :iconquestingpoet:

Zean :iconunspecifiedunknown:

Moriah :iconriseandbe:

jade-pandora :iconjade-pandora:

Eric :iconadianoeta:

Rachel :iconfuzzyhoser:

BookofNorth :iconbookofnorth:

and Joanna :iconamarum:

Last and certainly not least, I want to thank all of you, because this group would be nothing if you were not here, putting your hearts and souls into the poems that you write and submitting them here to this group for others to come and read. We are all very thankful that you do so. I am honored by every single person who joins, and you are all appreciated here. I wish I could express to you what every one of you and what every poem you trust in our hands means to me, yet all I can say is, I thank you. I will do my best to do more for you. And remember that if any one of you needs to talk, I am here for you. All you need to do click on the "Welcome Home" blog and add your comment, if you want to see if there are any other people who might answer with advice, or those who might share your problem, but if it is more personal please note me and never feel afraid, or worry that you will be bothering me. To help others, that is the main reason that I started this group. Whether it be through poetry or by having it be a safe space where anyone could feel free enough to talk to me or anyone else here.

:heart: Shanna, :iconthelunalily:

We at Poets-and Warriors wish you all the best.




Newest Members

Group Rules

Welcome to Poets and Warriors! This is a poetry group with a main emphasis on creating a welcoming environment to share your work and receive constructive criticism, support and making some friends who share your love of poetry.
If you join, and want to submit to this group, then please read the following guidelines as they will help you to better enjoy the experience here, and to ensure your work is accepted. Thanks in advance!

:bulletred: Guidelines :bulletred:

Who Can Join?
- Anybody with a deviantART account can join.

Who Can Submit?
- Only accepted members of this group can submit to its galleries.

How Do I Submit?
- Look at the galleries we have and decide which one your poem would best belong in. Submit your work to that gallery. **Submitting to the wrong gallery could mean your work will be denied or removed.**

Do You Accept Fan Fiction?
- NO. There are plenty of other groups on DA for that.

Do You Accept "Mature Content"?
- Yes, but only if there is a mature content filter on it. If not it will be denied and/or taken down.

Is There A Limit To How Many Works You Can Submit?
- Yes, you may submit three works daily.

Can I submit to the Featured Folder?
- NO. The Featured Folder is for contest winners (etc..) only. Any submissions to the Featured Folder will be denied. This is to help keep the place organized and give proper recognition to those deserving. Any suggestions submitted cannot be your own work, but the work of another talented writer you wish to feature.

Can I submit to the Favorites Folder? How many?
- You may submit 1 per week. You may not submit your own work. Show off your fellow artists in the Group's Favorite Folder.

Art theft is taken seriously and any form of bullying will get you banned!

Please respect ALL of our rules. They are here to help!
We hope you enjoy our group!


Hi! I'm TheLunaLily, but you can call me Shanna. Writing is my life. It's my passion, and the reason that I'm here today. My Muse is my savior. I love reading and writing poetry, I'm self-taught and I wouldn't have it any other way. (Imperfections can show emotions better than calculated rhymes.)
I have a huge heart, big enough to fit all of you in it. I would love to get to know each and every one of you. Don't be shy! I'm always up for a chat. And if you ever need someone to talk to, note me. I will be there for you, to talk to or just to listen. Whatever you need. :heart:

Hey, guys! It’s Banshee here, but feel free to call me Kayla! I’m a fun loving art major who loves her some poetry. There is just something about the written word that has me crawling back for more. -Like at 3am when inspiration always seems to find me.- I don't mind though!! And I'm sure I'm not the only one that's been there! I’d like to get to know all of you! Notes make me smile, so hit me up with one some time and we’ll chat.

Greetings from prettyflour, otherwise known as Cindi! I am a women, wife and mother who is in love with words. I love reading and writing in all its forms. I suppose a have a special appreciation for poetry; I adore the freedom it affords and the imagery that can be created with just the right strings of words when put together. Just like Shanna, I am self taught and I think that we, who teach ourselves, have the benefit of using experience and emotion in our poetry, which translates easier and true. We live, we love, we write from the heart and soul. I'm proud to be part of this group and yearn to help inspire. If you need me, note me! I can be a great listener, a sounding board or be here for you if you are in need of an honest and unbiased opinion. :heart:

Hi guys! I'm DominaMoon otherwise known as Ava. I've absolutely loved both reading poetry and expressing myself through poetry since I can remember. I'm fascinated by both the written words, and the people behind them, so if you ever need to talk, or just have someone listen to you, I'll gladly be there for you like my lovely fellow admins :heart:







Let's Feature some words, shall we?

We start with concrete hors d'oeuvre by tommyboywood

Tears on the Serengeti
the freedom to roam
                        the birth of a newborn cub
                                                        weeping for the slain

Free verse
masai mara's endless plains
life here is pleasant, serene
freedom and joy, protected
our brethren are hunted
why do they keep shooting?
the wind whispers their secrets
the killings are uncovered
why is there not an accounting?
they vanish, one by one
who is watching?
who is aware of this genocide?
and yet life on the serengeti thrives
shall we shut our eyes?
shall we pretend not to hear, to know?
we weep for you, our brothers and sisters
our hearts our heavy, our spirits crushed
we will wait
we will wait and we will remember
the time for relief, is it not near, my brethren?
there is a word, a word that we cannot b

A short prose by  Jaybird101  to wet your palette before the main course.

Where the Guns Go OffThere is no envy of where we live: rundown apartment complexes, dangerous housing projects. Poorly zoned business districts, those warehouses cut through our residential landscapes, like the tombstones of giants, sitting vacant from a boom that never happened.
We are a single community divided amongst ourselves; a dozen or so quarter mile barrios. Each fiercely guarded by angry, misguided youth. They bleed to protect something, that’s worth absolutely nothing, for reasons hardly above reproach.  
This is the land of concrete and graffiti; broken knuckles and bloody lips; the place where flashes of light break the night and sometimes, we die. This is the crazy west side, the youth wrecker, the damager of all who dwell. This is home, where the guns go off.

For your salad course, I give you some fantastic visual by poetry by RiverGypsyArts

Passion 1 by RiverGypsyArts

sugar-coatedinsanity follows as our third course.

Tragedies are never as beautifulyou were the shipwreck
that was discovered a bit too late to be saved
but still soon enough to
take you out of the cold waters,
to look past the rust and cracks
and savor what was and could have been.
tragedy had knocked on your doors
and taken him away
because he just wanted closure,
for his brother, his family and

you would think time, pain and loss would have hardened him.
he was more good than you remembered.
"Choking down sea water was easier
than to breathe in fresh air",was your reply
when he asked why you were so bitter
even when your breath did not contain the taste of liquor
and your acerbic smile was almost welcoming.
the romantics wanted to
trace constellation across the faded
scars on your back and chest,
if you'd ever let them.
whilst the rest acknowledged them as 'sexy'.
Yet, you, my dear,
would stare in the mirror
until your visions blurred
and in the haziness was when you
finally accepted them
even if it was just fo

A nice juicy piece of prose by WordOfChen

Chenbeard the PirateChapter 1:
I remember waking up, with the distinct metallic taste of blood swilling about my teeth. I spat a red glob of the stuff onto the stone floor and tried very hard, through the pounding of my skull, to determine why I had been left in such a poor state of affairs. Most of my memories had been jumbled up, no doubt by the violence inflicted upon me prior to my arrival. My thoughts were a nonsensical sequence of colors and sounds--most of which made no sense. I could recall several important bits and pieces though: a voice, one that was calling out for me and a warm hand, reaching toward the distance. Was that hand mine? I wondered, as the memory faded away. How exactly had I come to arrive in this place, that alone was food for thought.
My internal rumination however was soon broken by the sound of a rusted metallic gate, screeching it's lungs out as it attempted to open the way. I could not see the whining mechanism, but I could tell that it was defin

For dessert, a chocolate-covered spoken word poem by MirachRavaia   Yum!

Melody in My MindShhh...
Do you hear it?
rustling trees,
buzzying bees,
summer breeze
someone's sneeze...
voice of street,
hearts that beat
people breathe,
then repeat
Rhythm set free:
one two three
one two three
hear the song
dance with me
There's melody in my mind
Magical melody, murmuring, moody
Musical mystical moving melody
There's melody in my mind
But shh....
I'll tell you a secret.
I cannot sing.
Imagine that feeling.
Those tones frozen between your mind and mouth, that melody you can't express.
Imagine one of those songs that give you goosebumps, that clutch your heart and make you cry "Yes! Yes, that's it!"
Imagine you want to share it with everyone... but can't.
When you try to repeat the melody, it is off and quavers and screeches like nails on the board.
There's melody in my mind, and it wants to be heard, to be set free.
And so I paint.
The colors are my symphony.
I sound the violins of sky-blue, the lutes of green and drums of violet.
And so I write.
The words on pape

Instead of coffee after your meal, I give you a six words story by waiting-for-wings

CobwebsCobwebs love to attack my face.

I hope you all enjoyed this feast of words.  

Oh!  And don't forget about our April mini-contests. You still have time to enter.  :)
Hey everyone!

We are having another mini-contest!  Actually, we are having two!!

I posted a poll on my profile asking for theme suggestions and the result was a tie.  Music/Lyrics and Fantasy.   Rather than pick between the two, I decided to have two challenges this month.

Theme #1- Music/Lyrics
Write a poem inspired by a song. Don't forget to mention that song in your comments. We want to know what your listening to!  :)

Theme #2- Fantasy
Write a poem of fantastical worlds or supernatural creatures. Let your imagination run wild in the land of fantasy!

Let's get the pesky rules out of the way.
1. You must be a member to participate.
2. You are allowed 2 entries per person
3. The deadline for submissions is 5/1. This gives you three weeks to come up with something awesome!
4. Poetry only please.  
5. Entries must be a new deviation- something written specifically for this contest.  
6. You MUST mention this contest in your artist comments and if you could fav this journal, that would be much appreciated!

We will pick one winner for each theme who will receive 50 points.

We will also have 2 honorable mentions for each theme that will get 25 points each.

All winners will be featured here, my personal journal, and a journal feature in :iconpoeticalcondition:  AND :icondeviantsgallery:

Prize donations are gladly accepted.  Also, I'd love to have another judge. Anyone interested?

Be creative!  Have fun with this! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
More Journal Entries


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barbzzp Dec 28, 2013  Student Writer
Thanks for accepting me! :D (Big Grin)  & happy new year! :D (Big Grin) Heart 
PoetBoi Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks on behalf of #PoetryVSTheWorld for featuring this month's winners.
prettyflour Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Our pleasure!
Thank you very much for accepting me in the group. I am new into writing and I seem to enjoy it a lot. I am not here to promote myself, more to interact with people who are into the domain and are willing to discuss on philosophical subjects or life view. I am sure there are a lot of interesting people around here and I am willing to talk to everybody.
If someone is interested, send me a note or check my blog
I am an Admin at your affiliate group :iconthe-black-hole:
We are going through a revamping period, and are hosting a contest that allows people to tell their stories and open up to our community. It is designed to help people, and I would LOVE if you guys can spare a feature for our contest. ----> Link to the journal explaining the rules and how-tos
Thank you!
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